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Pet Sitting Rates | Jackson Pet Sitter

How much does pet sitting cost in Jackson, MS?

One of the most asked questions when people call me about pet sitting is this: How much do you charge?  And my answer is, it depends on a lot of factors.

o  How many animals do you have?  Are any of them on medication?

o  Do your pets live indoors or outdoors?

o  Do you have a pet door?

o  How many times per day is your dog used to going outside?

o  Do you have a puppy or elderly pet in your home?

And I think the underlying question that you really want to have answered is this:  how much do you charge compared to other pet sitters in Jackson area?  Or in other words, am I getting a good deal?

Because we all want to get a good deal.

Average pet sitting rates

When you are comparing pet sitting rates from various pet care providers, be sure you are comparing apples to apples.  And remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.

I have surveyed pet sitting rates across the U. S. and here is what I have found for the basic 30 minute visit to your home to care for your pets.

1) Lowest cost   (friend, neighbor, or relative)  $0  FREE*
* But for this favor, you then OWE them a favor in return.  So it's not really free.  Think of it as bartering services. 

2) Modest rate  (hobby sitter, neighborhood kid)  ranges from $10 to $15 per visit.  These are people who need a little extra cash and are willing to do the bare minimum of pet care to get the cash.  They typically make less than $600 per year pet sitting and therefore don't have to pay income taxes on their pet sitting money.  They may live very near you and be able to walk or bicycle to your home, thus they have no gasoline expenditures in order to take care of your pets.

3)  Average rates for professional pet sitter for the basic 30 minute visit:
     Here are some of my findings from researching around the country.
     San Diego, CA   $47 per visit to care for your cats
     Phoenix, AZ area  $33 per visit to care for dogs or cats
     Jackson, MS  ranges from $18 per visit to $25 per visit
Did you know that many pet sitting companies fold within their first two years of business?  When their prices are too low, they cannot make a profit and won't be around for years to come.
The professional pet sitter has to charge enough to stay in business and cover overhead expenses like insurance, bonding, office equipment, marketing materials, and staff, as well as automobile expenses incurred while traveling to your home.

Priority Pets has been serving the Jackson MS metro area since 2010. 

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