Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Jackson Pet Sitter

Early in the morning I roll out of bed and check the schedule.  Early morning dog visits are first on the agenda.  I have put them in order according to your time requests and the driving distance between each one.  Trying to be efficient with gasoline!

I read the details you have given me and double check to make sure I have followed each instruction.  Each pet and each home is given my full attention while I am there.  I notice things like this:  are doors open that should be closed?  Are all doors/windows locked? Is your pet behaving in his or her normal manner? I get to know your pet and can spot any abnormal behaviors that may signal a problem.

With this level of attention to detail, I was able to alert a homeowner that a TV had been stolen from his home when there were NO obvious signs of a break-in.  The homeowner was grateful and asked me to check on several other items in the home for reassurance that nothing else had been taken.

I play with your pets and pay special attention to their food and medications.  There is no extra charge for giving a pet a pill!

At the end of my visit I leave a Pet Report Card for you so you will know all the details.   And you can be sure that I love your pet!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Imagine, if you will, a store front in a strip mall shopping center filled with dog crates behind the store's front room. One person owns this grooming/boarding shop and a teenager sits at the desk welcoming customers. When you board your pet here, your pet stays in the crate MOST of the time that you are out of town, day and night, for the duration of your trip. 
The dogs begin to bark loudly as soon as anyone enters the door of the shop. At night the store owner/groomer is at his home, not at his store. You are told NOT to bring toys, throw rugs, or special food treats because "we don't have room for all that here." (This scenario is taken from several boarding facilities in my area--a composite of several different facilities--your experience may be different.)
Even with the best care, boarding can be stressful because your pet is in a new environment, away from home. Pet's routines and habits are interrupted. Common problems encountered while boarding include:
  • Decreased appetite
  • Constipation
  • Weight loss
  • Stress diarrhea

Now picture this: your pet is at home in their favorite room in your house. The tv or radio may be on, if you wish. Your pet has favorite toys strewn about the room. Your pet sitter visits your pet in your home up to four times a day to play with them, let them out, feed, water, walk, whatever you desire for your pet. This is a picture of personalized pet sitting, which is what Priority Pets offers.
If you were a pet, which would you prefer? Which do you prefer for your fur-baby?

If personalized pet sitting sounds right for you, call now to schedule your "Meet the Pet" visit.  You'll be glad you did!  601-750-2896