Monday, May 18, 2015

Who calls a Professional Pet Sitter?

When people call my pet sitting business phone,
 I am hoping they are lookingfor a pet sitting service
 in the area we serve:  Jackson, MS and surrounding towns.
All too often people call and ask questions like this:

Q:  "Do you have puppies for sale?"  
 A:  No, I don't.  I am a Professional Pet Sitter,
       not a seller of pets.  Thank you for calling Priority Pets!

Q:  "How much does it cost to board my dog?"
A:   Priority Pets is a pet sitting and dog walking service.
       We do not board pets.  Call again when you need a pet sitter in your home!

Q:  "Can you take care of my dog tonight (Friday) through Sunday morning?
A:  We need to meet your pet at your home to see if pet sitting is a good fit
       for you and for us.  Sometimes we can take last minute callers, and
       sometimes we are booked.  Thanks for calling.

Q:  "How much does it cost for you to take care of my dogs?"
A:  Tell me about your dogs and their usual schedule.   We then provide a
      quote based on your needs for your pets. 

What are some of your questions about pet sitting?  We would love to answer
them!  Call us today!