1)  How much do you charge?   What price do you put on peace of mind?  As professional pet sitters we provide home security while you are away as well as tender loving care for your furry family members.  We will ask questions about how many pets you have, how many visits per day you need, and whether there is a pet door in your home.  We will put together a package for you that meets the needs of your pets.  Click here Pet Sitting Rates to find more information.

2)   Do you accept credit cards?    Yes.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover through PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account.  You may sign in to PayPal as a guest.
PayPal payments need to be paid in advance of services.

3)   Do you administer medications?  Yes, if you sign a medication permission slip.  Oral medications as well as those applied to the skin, and we can also give insulin shots. No extra charge for giving medicines or shots.

4)  Do you have any helpers?  Will you ever send a substitute?    Priority Pets is owned and operated by Julia Cranford.  Staff members include her son, John Cranford, and two other sitters who work with us on holidays and when we are on family vacations.   We will not leave your pets unattended if we are called out of town on a family emergency.  Your pets are our priority!

5)  My pet has a certain routine that he or she is used to.  Will you follow my instructions about his care?   This is one of the benefits of personalized pet sitting in your home.  We will follow your instructions to the letter.  That is why we ask you to fill out a Pet Information Sheet and a Client Information Sheet at your FREE "Meet the Pet" visit.  Your pet's care will be designed by you.

6)  Why do I have to sign so much paperwork?  I want the best possible experience for you and your pet.  In case of emergency, I may need to be able to transport your animal(s) to your veterinarian.  The vet release and emergency information about your home is required for insurance purposes.  Your information will never be rented, sold, or shared with anyone else.

7)  I go out of town often.  Can I leave my keys with you for future use?  Yes.    We take the security of your home very seriously and will keep your keys in a secure manner until you request them to be returned.  We also offer Lockout Service if you ever find yourself locked out with no one available.  See Pet Sitting Rates for more about this.

8)  My pets have a lot of energy.  How will you manage them? 
  We will ask you for a list of your pets favorite games and toys. We will play with your pet in your home or outside in your yard.  If you choose this option, we will walk your dog(s) on a leash, but not in rain or snow.  See Pet Sitting Rates for more explanation of services.

9) What if I need to cancel?  Call AS SOON AS YOU KNOW that your plans have changed.  If we have already visited your pet before you call, or are already in the car on the way to your home,  the In Home Visit rate will apply.  There are NO cash refunds.  We ask for at least 24 hour notice for schedule changes for reservations. 

10) What if I need to stay away longer?  Call as soon as you know that your plans have changed.  Call or text when you have arrived home. We will continue to visit your pet until you let me know that you are home.   Additional visits will be invoiced at the same rate as your Service Agreement.  Your pets are our priority! 

11)  Can you take care of my animals if I call at the last minute?  Call us and we will let you know.  Advance notice is preferred.  Those who give advance notice will have priority over those who wait until the last minute. Call early:  holiday weekends book up well in advance!

12)  My pet takes medicine.  Can you be at my house at a certain time?   We will do our best to be at your home within one hour of the time you have requested.   For example, if you ask me to be there at 7, we will tell you that we can come between 6 and 8.   Please let us know in advance if there is an issue that requires a specific time commitment, such as an insulin shot for a diabetic pet.

13)  How do I pay you?   We accept cash, money orders, or personal checks and PayPal payments with credit or debit cards.  First time clients: pay in advance at the "Meet the Pet" visit.  Returning clients may leave payment on the counter in your home.  Credit card payments may be made online using secure PayPal transactions.  Call first to get your total rate quote from Julia at 601-750-2896 then click on Make Online Payment 

14)  Why should I pay you when I can get a friend to do it?  
For your peace of mind, knowing that your animals are being cared for by a professional pet sitter.  Your friend or neighbor does not have pet sitting insurance to cover accidental losses that may occur.  Your mother-in-law might leave the back door open. Your neighborhood kid might not show up.  All of these are true scenarios shared with me by clients.
15)  I can't afford it.   The benefits of in-home pet care are many:  1) Your pets stay on their normal routine in their familiar environment. 2) Your pets avoid the kennel cough and other viral illnesses that are going around at the kennel.  3) You don't have to transport your pets to the boarding facility when you're in a rush to get out of town. 4) You can personalize your pets' care with a sitter in your home.  5) We can also bring in the mail, water the plants, and make your home more secure.  When you consider all the benefits, you will find pet sitting in your home to be a great value.
16)  Why do you need two keys?    Because our priority is taking care of your pets when you are not at home.  With two keys available, we will keep one locked in our office.  The second one will be used for the In Home Visit.  Both keys will be returned to you, or retained in our files if you prefer.   If you give us a garage door opener, we will also ask for a key in case of power outage.  True story:  recently a key broke in a client's door on the first visit to their home.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Your keys are labeled with your first name and last initial.  Your address is not on the label.

17)  I have an alarm system. Are you familiar with them?  
Yes.  We have experience setting and resetting many different brands and types of home security alarms.  Please show us how to arm and disarm your system if you will be leaving it set during your absence.

18)  My pets are like my children.  I want to know how they are doing when I am away Be sure to ask us to text you when we are with your pets.  Otherwise, rest assured that your pets are OK and we will only call in case of emergency.  You may also ask us to post pictures of your pets on Facebook.

19)  What makes Priority Pets different from other pet sitting services in this area?      We do not charge a fee for cancellation (see number 9 above).  Other services charge additional fees for cancellations AND you may forfeit a percentage of what you have already paid.   We have heard stories from clients about pet sitters who do not show up.  Rest assured that Priority Pets will show up on the date and within an hour of the time you have requested.