Monday, June 24, 2013

Pet Sitter in Madison warns about Abady frozen diet recall | Abady pet food recall

June 25, 2013--In the course of my pet sitting business I have come across several people who use raw food diets for their dogs.  For those people who may be using Abady frozen food for their pets,
I bring you this information regarding a recall of two kinds of Abady pet food on June 19, 2013.

The Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food Corporation is recalling two frozen diets due to positive Salmonella testing by FDA.

The specific foods being recalled due to possible salmonella contamination are:

1. Abady Frozen High Stress/High Performance Dog Food 3 lbs.

2.  Abady Frozen Growth Formula for Puppies of the Large & Giant Breed 3 lbs.,

For more information, click on the link below.
 From the Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food Corporation website the following recall notice:

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