Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jackson Pet Sitter wants you to play with your dog!

Have you ever read studies about animals and wondered, "Where do they get all those statistics? They have never seen MY pet!"  Well, now you can be included. We just heard about a citizen science survey where you can be involved.  Here are the details from the Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab in New York.

“Our latest study investigates all the different ways people and dogs play together, and we need your help — well, you and your dog’s help! For the first time, we are crowdsourcing, asking dog owners to submit short videos of themselves playing with their dog.
Here’s a brief summary of what the study entails (the full details are at www.DogHumanPlay.com):
  • Find or make a 30-60 second video of you and your dog playing in whatever way you like, and then upload the video to our website and complete a short survey. The video must capture both you and your dog playing together onscreen.
  • You are also invited to add a picture of you and your dog to our growing Wall of Contributors.
  • Submit your video by March 31, 2013.
Project: Play with Your Dog is entirely online and is open to anyone, in any country. If you live with a dog, we want to see you play!
Do you know other people (and their dogs) who would want to participate? Please spread the word! 
Want to know more? Here are some links to previous media coverage of the study:
Thank you for playing!
Cheers,  Julie,  Lab Manager, Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab”
Wow! How cool is that?!! And while you are uploading your video, feel free to post it on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/PriorityPets   We would LOVE to see how you play with your dog!

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