Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Often does my Cat need to be Visited | Cat Sitter Madison MS

People tell me all the time, "My cats will be ok if you come by every other day."


Cats can get into all kinds of precarious situations. My grand-cat, Sebastian, is famous for climbing on top of open doors.  I don't know how he gets up there! But this is where he was sitting when his mom came home.

And then there is Jackson, a beautiful Ragdoll kitten who is very loving.  His litter box is in a little storage closet.  One night after I left his home, he closed the door to his "bathroom." The next morning he was so glad that I was there to open it!  His owner has us coming by twice a day to take care of Jackson.  Good thing, otherwise he would have had a lot of cleanup and deodorizing to do.  I propped the door open to prevent this from  happening again during this trip.  

Cats can contract urinary tract infections that can make them very ill very fast.  If there is a urinary tract blockage, this can become life threatening for your cat very quickly.

I recommend that your cat be visited at least once every 24 hours while you are away.  What could be more important than your peace of mind about the health of your cat?

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