Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jackson Cat Sitter Weighs in on World's Best Cat Litter

I visit lots of cats and take care of the litter box chore
when I am there to play with the cats.  So I see my fair
share of different kinds of cat litter.

Let's see, there's clay based, clumping, non-clumping,
scoopable, crystalline, pine, wheat, and corn.
There's scented cat litter and unscented; there is some
with baking soda added for odor control.  There are
cat litters that advertise "multiple cats," as opposed
to single cats.

So when I saw a cat litter called "World's Best Cat
Litter" I was intrigued.  What was different about it?
How could they say they had the "World's Best?"

Here are the plusses:   World's Best Cat Litter is made
from ground up corn.   So it's biodegradable which
means it's friendly to the planet.
World's Best Cat Litter clumps so you can remove
the cat urine from the litter box.  (Please do that at
least once a day.)
The multiple cat variety that I used was scented
with lavender.  Nice touch if your cat likes the smell
of lavender.

And now for the minuses:  World's Best Cat Litter
has light weight particles and it's tracked all around
the litter box.  I recommend a towel or a rug or mat
under the box to make clean up easier.
Some people say it's expensive.  At $7.99 for a 7 lb.
bag, which may last an entire month, what do you think?

Give me your feedback below.  Have you tried the
"World's Best Cat Litter?"  Here's a coupon for a free

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