Friday, October 5, 2012

13 Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter in Jackson, MS

1)    Your pets love to stay home in their own familiar
 2)   They are a little (or a lot) stressed by the kennel
       or boarding facility.
 3)   Your pets got sick the last time they stayed at the vet
       from the kennel cough that was going around.
 4)   You have recently moved to Jackson, MS and don't
        have family here.
 5)   Your mother-in-law watched the dogs last time you
       traveled and she left the back door wide open.  :(
 6)   You want the added security for your home, having
       someone visit several times a day.
 7)    Your pet loves to play frisbee in your back yard and
         needs the vigorous exercise to stay happy and healthy.
 8)    Your plants need a little watering every day or so and
         the newspaper needs to be brought in.
 9)    Your fur babies need a lot of tender loving care!
10)   You don't have time to load up the pets and all their
         paraphernalia to take them to board somewhere and
         still make it to the airport on time.
11)    You have lived in the Jackson, MS metro area a long
          time and have imposed on your friends and family
          for pet care long enough!
12)   You want someone to stay in your home overnight
         with your pets.  (Yes, we can do that!)
13)   You want a professional pet sitting service rather
         than the neighborhood kid to take care of your furry
         family members.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Call 601-750-2896 today
 (or use our contact form on the upper right side of the page).
 You'll be glad you did!

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