Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Jackson Pet Sitter

Early in the morning I roll out of bed and check the schedule.  Early morning dog visits are first on the agenda.  I have put them in order according to your time requests and the driving distance between each one.  Trying to be efficient with gasoline!

I read the details you have given me and double check to make sure I have followed each instruction.  Each pet and each home is given my full attention while I am there.  I notice things like this:  are doors open that should be closed?  Are all doors/windows locked? Is your pet behaving in his or her normal manner? I get to know your pet and can spot any abnormal behaviors that may signal a problem.

With this level of attention to detail, I was able to alert a homeowner that a TV had been stolen from his home when there were NO obvious signs of a break-in.  The homeowner was grateful and asked me to check on several other items in the home for reassurance that nothing else had been taken.

I play with your pets and pay special attention to their food and medications.  There is no extra charge for giving a pet a pill!

At the end of my visit I leave a Pet Report Card for you so you will know all the details.   And you can be sure that I love your pet!

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