Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dogs are Begging for Food?

Begging is one of the most common behaviors that you will face as a dog owner. We would like to give them everything that they want. When they start begging, it's almost too much for us to bear... and we give in!
With a little fortitude, here's how you can correct this behavior. Follow these simple tips:
  1. Do not give food. This may seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised how few people consider it when they're looking into the wide, wet eyes of their precious pup. Their whine is an effective tool against you, and your dog knows it. Why? Because it's worked before! Giving food is a form of affection, and giving affection reinforces the behavior. Your dog has learned that if he begs, he gets food! Take a stand and start a new trend. Find the willpower to withhold the food, and your dog will learn that he can't expect rewards for begging.
  2. Ignore. Begging is an attention-seeking behavior. Rather than give in to doggy's demands, ignore the behavior and teach your dog that it does not get results! When you talk to your dog, give him affection, or engage in direct eye contact, you are feeding his mental state. Instead, practice no touch, no talk, no eye contact.
  3. Don't feel sorry for your dog.. Your dog is well-fed. He is not in danger of going hungry if you don't give him that scrap off the table. Don't feel sorry for him when he flashes you those eyes and places a paw on your leg. If you are worred about how much your dog should be fed, talk to your vet. This can help ease your concerns and allow you to remain calm and assertive!
  4. Be consistent. In any kind of training, consistency is the key to success. For your dog to learn that his begging behavior is not allowed, it has to be ineffective ALL of the time. Inconsistent enforcement of the rules leads to a disobedient dog! Make sure that every person in the household understands and enforces the same rules.
  5. Be patient. Few dogs change overnight. If you have followed these tips to the letter and your dog continues to beg, don't give up. Your reward will be a better behaved dog!

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