Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meet the Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter Meet and Greet

Here are some tips for your first meeting with a potential pet sitter.

1)  Does the pet sitter arrive on time for your appointment?  Punctuality (or the lack thereof) can tell you a lot about a person's attitude toward you and your pets.

2)  Is the pet sitter prepared for this meeting?  Did he or she bring forms such as a vet release, information sheets, etc.?  A professional pet sitter will also be prepared to answer any questions you may have.

3)  Is the pet sitter insured and/or bonded?  What does the insurance coverage mean to you as a pet owner?

4)  How does the pet sitter approach your pet?  Does he or she know how to make your pet feel at ease?

5)  Does the pet sitter have references  you can call to make sure they performed their tasks properly in the past?

6)  Does the pet sitter offer the "Meet the Pet" visit for free?

7)  Does the pet sitter write down all of the instructions that you give about the care and feeding of your pets?   Attention to detail is the mark of a professional pet sitter.

You will get all this and more when you call me to be your pet sitter in the Jackson, MS, metro area.